Private Hard Money Lender in California, Texas and Arizona: What is a hard money loan and do I need one?

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

What is a hard money loan and do I need one?

hard money lender arizona
hard money lender arizona
Is your credit a little lack-luster? Do you wish you could go back in time before the bad economy? We all kind of do. If you have a property that you are looking to flip or looking to release from foreclosure, then now is the time to get a loan. But what if you can’t go through traditional channels? What if the banks absolutely won’t loan to you? What if you went through the hours of paper work and still didn’t qualify? Then Arizona hard money is definitely something for you.
If you want an investor who doesn’t care about your credit score, then look no further. Arizona hard money isn’t about your credit score. It’s about saving the property that you want and becoming the proud owner of a revamped house.  You can have the property you want with your Arizona hard money loan.
But what kind of Arizona hard money loan do you want? There are two different kinds; hard money lender Arizona and private money lender Arizona.
What’s the difference? Not much, but we can go through it together.
Hard money lender Arizona is a group of people who are looking to invest in property. However, a private money lender Arizona is one individual who is looking to invest in the property. You might know the private money lender Arizona or it might just be a new investor you met who wants to help you out. The only thing that matters is that you trust them.
While these Arizona hard money loans do have more interest than regular loans, the turnaround is so quick that you don’t notice is that much. Save the property you want with your private money lender Arizona or hard money lender Arizona loan. You and your property will be so happy that you did. 
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