Private Hard Money Lender in California, Texas and Arizona: 3 Things to Consider to Ensure Your Hard Money Arizona Loan is a Smart Move

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

3 Things to Consider to Ensure Your Hard Money Arizona Loan is a Smart Move

3 Things to Consider to Ensure Your Hard Money Arizona Loan is a Smart Move

Jenna Jacques, licensed realtor and experienced home-flipper, allowed us to pick her brain on how to make smart moves in the industry. In this final installment of a four-part series, we present the information she gave us on how to be successful with hard money Arizona fix and flips, as well as how to choose the best partners.

As a highly-experienced real estate agent, Jenna Jacques’ Zillow reviews now boast that she has sold more than 40 homes in the past 12 months. While many of these are traditional home sales, a good portion of them are also her own rehab projects. She’s had the opportunity to work with numerous loan types over the years, so when it comes down to doing hard money Arizona fix and flips, she’s able to provide a helpful and unbiased opinion on what works.

1. Educate yourself on loan structures and payment expectations. The first bit of advice Ms. Jacques shared is that “Hard money loans are a great way to be able to fund your rehab, but make sure you know what you’re getting into.” The terms hard money Arizona lenders offer are different from traditional loans. Although they’re much easier to obtain, because approval is largely based on a property’s value, they’re geared more towards short-term borrowers.

2. Choose a reputable lender. “It is important to work with someone you trust and someone that has your best interest at mind,” Ms. Jacques explained. Packages offered by different lenders will vary greatly. The interest, number of origination points, length of the loan, and other details will change, so you have to work with someone who genuinely cares about helping you succeed, so you receive the best package possible.

3. Be familiar with the industry as a whole. When we asked Ms. Jacques how she got her start with fix and flips, she responded, “I did research, lots and lots of research.” Having a firm understanding of the industry and process as a whole plays an integral role in your overall success. Before you get into financing or buying a home to rehab, you have to know whether the home will pay off.

Successful Rehabbers Using Hard Money Arizona Loans Make Calculated Decisions

Probably the most continuous theme in the interview with Ms. Jacques is that she’s an advocate for education. Every time she flips a home, it’s systematic. She evaluates it on several levels, and only goes forward when the property meets all her criteria. Her behavior is typical among successful flippers. While newcomers to the trade may rely on gut feelings and hope for the best with an investment property, the seasoned flipper stacks the deck in her favor, by only choosing to work with properties that add up. She also plans every aspect of the rehab, so she knows exactly what will happen and on what kind of timeline.

By using hard money, Arizona fix and flips can be a successful and lucrative venture.

Ms. Jacques’ story is very inspiring, and shows how far self-empowerment can take a person. She’s actually a nurse by trade, though she always had an interest in home renovations and real estate. She took it upon herself to learn everything she could before she began- not just about hard money Arizona lenders provide, but about the industry as a whole. With that said, there might be something more to the secret of her success. “I love helping people find their dream homes,” she explained. While it’s clear she has found her calling, and that it has helped her on the path, she doesn’t dissuade others from following suit either. Instead, she advocates self-empowerment, and suggests that anyone getting into the business do as much research as possible before jumping in.

If you’d like to read more about Jenna Jacques or connect with her, visit her on Facebook or check out her personal website,

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