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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Timeshare Cancellation: How To Get Out From Under The - If I Could, Would You

The timeshare vacation revolution began in the 1960’s as an alternative to purchasing a vacation home and back in those days a timeshare cancellation was something that people never did.
Back then, people who couldn’t afford a second home were introduced to an inexpensive way to vacation . . . or so they thought. It slowly evolved into a billion dollar industry that many refer to as: timeshare scams

So please use extreme caution if you decide to go to a timeshare presentation (We advise people just not to do it!). Today some timeshare resorts have as high as, 50% timeshare cancellation rate. Think of it, as high as - fifty present timeshare cancellation - wow!

Why so high you may ask, well, the invitation to attend a timeshare presentation always sounds so good. However, the short ninety minute sales-pitch many times last over six hours and becomes one of intense haggling by the timeshare salesperson.

The timeshare sales presentation is meant to beat down all your objectives and to talk you into buying something that many times you really do not want to buy. When you say “no” to the timeshare purchase, the salesperson is taught in training to come back with a better and better offer. The line they use is: “If I could would you?”

Eventually the salesperson gets you to the point with their, “If I could would you?” that you have no objections left in your arsenal to disagree and the next thing you know, you’re signing the timeshare contract.

Then of course with a second home you really can sell it (providing you bought it right) and make a profit whenever you want to. Not so, with a timeshare. Now I know they told you it can be sold, but that’s one of the many things in that sales pitch that you find out along the way was simply not true and why people call it timeshare scams.

Also with a second home you can use it whenever you want to. Again, not so with timeshare. You have a week, at a certain time of the year and if you can’t get away to use it then, that week you purchased just passes you by.

When people sign up to buy timeshare they must know that their lives will ever change or be altered in any way. And when it does, in the timeshare industry, the buyers adjust to this change by listening to another timeshare salesperson and are so many times talked in to adding more weeks or points to what they already own.

Before they are aware of what has happened and how they got into the mess they have from themselves in, they own more and more additional weeks.

And each week we talk to so many people who need to do a timeshare cancellation because they have found themselves in this position and honestly when they tell us what their monthly payments amount to, it is us, who have to gasp!

Many of these people say they feel helpless and want to find out how to do a timeshare cancellation. We hear over and over people say please help me cancel my timeshare.

You know we don’t know of another industry that is allowed to use, what we feel is abusive sales practices, and are allowed to brow beat people into taking on more and more of a financial burden then they can handle.

This industry could care less if it puts the buyers into a terrible financial hardship. So the best thing to do is to stay away from timeshare presentations!

That free gift you went to get from just listening to a 90-minute presentation can end up costing you thousands of dollars and many sleepless night of hoping some day you might be able to get a timeshare cancellation.

Good news, if you own a timeshare and feel you have been involved in a timeshare scam and/or would like to discover how to cancel timeshare we can help.

To acquire more about a timeshare cancellation see our frequently asked questions or just give our office a call.

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