Private Hard Money Lender in California, Texas and Arizona: The Real Deal On Commercial Bridge Loans

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Real Deal On Commercial Bridge Loans

commercial bridge loan
When you are looking into obtaining a loan from a lender you have many options at your disposal. Many people go the route of the bank, however, you do have hard money loans and commercial bridge loans, also.

From banks to life insurance companies, there are many different routes you can take to get a loan for your business. Most of the time people starting out in the commercial real estate business think the only way they can get a loan is through a bank. Banks are great places to go, however, it might take a while before you are approved for the loan you want. The process can take several weeks to complete and even then you are not guaranteed a loan at the end of the process.

Along with time constraints, you may not be approved for the loan if your credit report is not favorable in the eyes of the lender. Needless to say, if you have a couple of red flags on your credit report you might have to shop around for more than one bank to pitch your business plan. Some banks even go as far as doing a character check on some applicants. You may think this is not so bad, but you might have done some unbecoming things in college which may come back to the surface in your professional career.

Never fear hard money loans and commercial loans are here

commercial bridge loan
So where can you go if you have these problems, then? The easy answer you can go to a private lender that specializes in either hard money loans or commercial bridge loans. You can use these loans to get the property that you want fairly quickly. In fact, a lot of investors starting out that do not have a ton of liquid assets can use this route to begin their career. Generally, it is a little easier to get either a hard money loan or commercial bridge loan.

What makes commercial bridge loans and hard money loans better?

Quite frankly they are both better when it comes to your credit report. Most lenders do not care about your credit report. When it comes to hard money loans most of the time the lender wants to make sure you have some form of collateral that you can offer. This means to be qualified for the loan 
itself, you have to possess something of equal or greater value that could potentially be auctioned off.

This happens in the event you cannot pay your loan back or you do not refinance it. Often people that are in the real estate flipping business go for a hard money loan; since they need to get financing quickly on properties. A commercial bridge loan is essentially the same type of process as a hard money loan, however, you usually apply for one while you are in between another transaction.

Say you have a home that you are in the process of fixing up and selling. However, another home becomes available on the market that you think would be a good buy. Applying for a bridge loan would be a good idea just to hold you over until the deal you have with your buyer is done. Hard money loans and commercial bridge loans great for these types of investments since they only last a few months to a couple of years, as well.

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