Private Hard Money Lender in California, Texas and Arizona: My Trust Deed Investment Fractionalized?

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Trust Deed Investment Fractionalized?

trust deed investing
Trust Deed Investing
If you are unclear about your trust deed investment’s fractionalized deed of trust, allow us to explain. When you begin to proceed with your trust deed investmentit will be secured by one of the following: a whole (one lender/note holder) or a fractionalized (more that one lender/note holder) deed of trust. As with all financial processes, there are very different regulations that are assigned to each category be it whole or fractionalized when you go through a mortgage loan broker.
The fractionalized promissory notes and deeds of trust are subject to regulation by the DRE (Real Estate Law, or multi-lender law) and the DOC (Securities Law). This is to protect you. The laws enforce restrictions that are there to help you, such as the mortgage loan broker must service your loan and have a written agreement with you and no more than ten lenders at a time on a single investment.
Additionally, if this loan is then negotiated by your mortgage loan broker, you will receive a lender/purchaser disclosure statement. This disclosure statement will identify the mortgage loan broker and the representatives, the amount and terms of the loan, servicing arrangements and information about the borrower like their income, where they work, and where they live.
Understanding these procedures and what it takes to completely fulfill your trust deed investment process will help you have the best experience possible when it comes to your investments. Additionally, learning more about your trust deed investment will help to prevent any confusion, which in general, makes for a much easier time understanding the security and laws put into effect just to help usher you through your trust deed investment. Having a good idea of what’s coming up means you spend less time on the process and more time living. Never put off grabbing as much information about your trust deed investment as you can; the more information the better.
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