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Friday, October 30, 2015


Buying Hot Air
As I said in part one about Points—You Need More Points. Let me reiterate a little about what I was saying; “Give The Devil His Due”(Dave Ramsey Timeshare Exit Team)

What I mean by that is, that whoever in the timeshare industry sat down and put their little conniving heads together to figure out how they could suck more money out of their already tapped timeshare owners came up with just one more of the so many timeshare scams.

The Owners Meeting/Party
We have talked to so many people who have had their timeshare for quite some time and then while they were on their vacation they go to an Owners Meeting (which is really just code word in the timeshare industry for sales presentation) and in this Owners Meeting the timeshare salesperson presents you with this new concept of converting your brick and mortar timeshare that you already own into POINTS.

They tell you the timeshare industry is looking out for your best interest to make your vacations the best they can be and with this new points concept you will extend your vacation horizons and be able to go to so many more worldwide destinations.

It’s A Wonderful Thing
And you listen with an open mind and the timeshare salespeople have all the answers to your questions and you think it doesn’t sound all that bad and they are given you all the brilliant reasons why that this new points concept is going to be the most wonderful thing since sliced bread (Baloney).  

And before the so called fun meeting is over, you have bought into the points sales spill and the next thing you know, this new wonderful points concept is only going to cost you three to ten thousand more dollars. Why does it cost you more money? Because now you are not limited to exchanging destinations.
Timeshare sales people will extol the opportunities of exchanging timeshare vacations of brick and mortar to timeshare points because it opens up the world to your vacation wants. And the timeshare brick and mortar is becoming a thing of the past. (Who wants to be left behind?)

If you are old enough, you’ll remember when CDs were starting to come into the picture and tape cassettes were on their way out. When you bought a new car, they would have both tape players and the new-fangled CD player. Eventually though, all cars only had CD players.

Well that’s kind of like it is with the Points system. Some timeshare resorts started to deal only in points, and then just about all the resorts got on that band wagon. 

The Greedy Beast Called - The Timeshare Industry, Is Never Satisfied
The Greedy Beast, has to be feed more and more, and that feed is MONEY. Your money to be exact. Its really at Timeshare Scam.

Okay, now that you have exchanged your brick and mortar timeshare week(s) into POINTS and the next time you and your family are planning on taking a vacation, you call in to make all the necessary arrangements.

You are eager to try out this new point system that you bought into and that cost you more money and go to all the places you only dreamed about.  
Now while you’re on the phone trying to book your dream vacation, your heart drops! The lady/man on the other end of the phone line says, “I’m sorry. You don’t own enough points to go to that destination.”

“Huh?” -  “What”
You could have sworn that when you paid and exchanged into the Point system, the nice timeshare salespeople never said anything about not having enough Points to go to the resorts of your choice.

Now you find that with the amount of Points you have, you are limited to where you can go on vacation. What Now? You guessed it, you need to buy MORE Points and that will cost another X amount of money so not to be limited in your vacation choices of course you buy more Points.

Now not only are you paying for the first group of Points that you bought, you now have a second payment for the additional Points you are buying.

More Than One Payment
Oh don’t want two payments or three payments? (here at the timeshare cancel center, we talk to people all the time that have more than one timeshare payment. That’s why they now want to do a timeshare cancellation).

But that’s no problem, the nice timeshare salespeople will take all that tiresome accounting away from you and just roll it all the payments into one fat payment. And don’t forget, along with all this, your maintenance fees are going up and up and up! Having fun yet?

Soon now you find that you are in staggering debt. It’s weighing you down to the degree that you’re up walking to floors at night. It’s destroying your health and your marriage/partnership.

What good is a vacation that can’t be enjoyed? This isn’t the way it was supposed to be. This isn’t what you thought you were buying into.

You Wonder, How You Got Yourself Into This Mess
The real question is, “How in the world do you get out of this timeshare nightmare? The good news is, there is hope and more importantly there is, help for you and there is a way out of your timeshare nightmare.

To find out more about timeshare cancellation log onto our website:

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Are you a Dog or a Cat Person?

Adam and Eve said, "Lord, when we were in the garden, you walked with us every day. 
Now we do not see you any more.       
We are lonesome here, and it is difficult for us to remember how much you love us."

And God said, "No problem!  I will create a companion for you that will be with you forever and who will be a reflection of my love for you, so that you will love me even when you cannot see me.  Regardless of how selfish or childish or unlovable you may be, this new companion will accept you as you are and will love you as I do, in spite of yourselves." 

And God created a new animal to be a companion for Adam and Eve.  
And it was a good animal.
And the new animal was pleased to be with Adam and Eve and he wagged his tail.  And Adam said, "Lord, I have already named all the animals in the Kingdom and I cannot think of a name for this new animal." 

And God said, "No problem.  Because I have created this new animal to be a reflection of my love for you, his name will be a reflection of my own name, and you will call him DOG."  (for those who have not figured it out yet, dog is GOD spelled backwards).

And dog lived with Adam and Eve and was a companion to them and loved them. 

And they were comforted. 
And God was pleased. 
And dog was content and wagged his tail. 

After a while, it came to pass that an angel came to the Lord and said, "Lord, Adam and Eve have become filled with pride.  They strut and preen like peacocks and they believe they are worthy of adoration.  Dog has indeed taught them that they are loved, but perhaps too well." 

And God said, "No problem!  I will create for them a companion who will be with them forever and who will see them as they are. 

And God created CAT to be a companion to Adam and Eve.
The companion will remind them of their limitations, so they will know  that they are not always worthy of adoration." 

And when Adam and Eve gazed into cat's eyes, they were reminded that they were not the supreme beings. 
And Adam and Eve learned humility. 
And they were greatly improved. 
And God was pleased. 
And Dog was happy. 

And Cat didn't give a damm one way or the other. 

Today is the first day in the rest of your life.........
Use it wisely

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The Legal - Timeshare Cancellation

Are you one of the unfortunate victims that when you purchase a timeshare, the sales techniques you were subjected to seem to be in the order of high pressure sales techniques?

Be Encouraged There Is Help For You

Even though you have signed a sales contract that is legally and binding there is protections set up for you as a buyer to change your mind.

This is called a cooling off period that normally follows any kind of sales transaction. There are only a handful of sales transactions that this cooling off period does not apply to and timeshare cancellation is NOT one of them.

No matter what the customer service at the resort has told you, you are still entitled to do a timeshare cancellation within the time period that is set up in the timeshare contract you signed.

Find The Rescission Clause Timeshare Cancellation

The first thing you need to do is look at your timeshare contract and search for the timeshare cancellation rescission clause. Sometimes it’s hidden in the very small print at the end of a usually lengthy timeshare contract.

The timeshare cancellation rescission period should also have been gone over with you at the time you purchased your timeshare and signed the timeshare contract. However this is many times glossed over very quickly with the timeshare sales people.

Paid On Commission

Timeshare sales people get paid by commission so remember that it does not behoove them to make sure before you sign the legal timeshare contract that you understand it.

Nor that you do have a legal timeshare cancellation cooling off period where you are within your legal rights to do a timeshare cancellation and no penalty of cost or obligation will come to you because you choose to exercise your legal rights.

Although we have talked to many timeshare owners who wish to do a timeshare cancellation within their rightful legal rescission period; were told by the resorts customer service people that they were unable to cancel the contract for one reason or another.

Timeshare Customer Service – An Extension Of High Pressure Sales

Also it should be noted here, that many of the timeshare customer service people are just an extension of the high pressure sales people that you dealt with in the first place. These timeshare customer service people are paid bonuses to keep you on the books when you call in to do a timeshare cancellation.

One of their job descriptions is to resell you on the timeshare resort or the whole timeshare vacationing mindset and to make you change your mind about cancelling. Sometimes they (resort customer service people) will again tell you anything you need to hear to get you past the rescission period.

We have especially seen this perpetrated on the young and old timeshare buyers who are not clear on their legal rights and are having to go head-to-head with a highly trained persuasive timeshare sales person.

Many times we talk to timeshare buyers who have called the resort to cancel and have been persuaded to think it over one more time before they do a timeshare cancellation on the week(s) or points that they purchased and at that time were given a price that cannot be duplicated at a later time.

Wait Just A Little Longer

This timeshare customer service follow up sales pitch will sometimes convince the timeshare owner to hesitate in doing the timeshare cancellation they called in to do, thinking that they may really be passing up the deal of a lifetime.

The buyer waits a few more days and then decides that the steady drain on their finances by staying in the timeshare contract will really do them more harm than good, calls in once more to do the timeshare cancellation and is then told that the timeshare cancellation rescission period has legally pasted as stated in the contract and that the buyer no longer has a legal right to cancel.

Now the timeshare buyer feels totally stuck in a legal binding timeshare contract that has NO legal way out. They (the timeshare buyers) are now legally bound by law to fulfill the payment agreement and also the agreed upon lifetime of maintenance fees.

We have talked to many, many timeshare buyers who are in such a state of despair that it has interfered with their jobs, their health and their marriage or relationships.

If that’s you, that does not mean that you should hire a high priced attorney. In fact many attorneys will tell you that a legal and binding contract has been signed and there is not legal recourse for you except to fulfill your timeshare obligation.

If you are unsure that you can handle the task of doing a timeshare cancellation, or believe that you succumb to the timeshare high pressure sales or one of the many timeshare scams and would like to cancel.

We would be glad to talk with you about how we can help.

To find out more about timeshare cancellation log onto our website:

5036 Dr. Phillips Blvd. #221 
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For a free consultation, 
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Look Out Timeshare Scams are Coming after YOU!


According to a recent news story, over 10 million Americans own timeshares, making the thriving industry ripe for con artists. 

Although timeshares often serve as money-saving investments for frequent travelers, they may prove costly if you don’t know how to detect a Timeshare scam.

Many companies lure potential customers with free stays at a timeshare in exchange for the client's agreeing to simply sit through a timeshare presentation, but problems may arise once you agree to buy the timeshare property.

Timeshare scams range from hidden booking or maintenance fees to more extreme cases, such as companies suddenly going out of business once they secure your hefty deposit, leaving you without a timeshare.

Big Red Flag
Many people still don’t know to always avoid companies using 900 numbers, as the prefix is often associated with suspect companies. Due to a Federal Trade Commission ruling, 900 numbers must disclose how much the phone call will actually cost the caller. Prior to this ruling, many of these companies used such numbers to trick customers into thinking they were calling toll-free numbers.

Companies typically offer prizes to lure clients to timeshare presentations. Legitimate companies provide simple perks, such as a free hotel room or gift card, in exchange for your presence at a sale’s pitch.

However, a big red flag occurs when companies offer grand prizes, such as a brand-new car. Let’s get real, timeshare companies cannot afford to give lavish gifts to every potential client for simply showing up, and you will likely never see your promised reward.

Stay away from companies offering free hotel rooms and supposed discounted travel rates, such as airfare, when booking through a specific promoter. Often times, the promoter in question charges inflated rates and splits the profits with the timeshare company.

Payment For Participation

Never, Never, Never, pay for access to your prize. A legitimate timeshare business would never request a payment for your participation or charge a service to activate your prize.

If you want to buy a timeshare, leave the room if the sales pitch becomes too aggressive. Do not feel obligated to stay for the entire presentation if the sales associate applies too much pressure or causes you to feel uncomfortable.
Talk with other owners, particularly if you are staying at the timeshare resort where you are considering purchasing property.

Negative Experiences
Ask the other timeshare owners if they’ve experienced any big problems with the timeshare availability, maintenance and overall timeshare value, as well as any negative experiences with the company itself, such as unexpected charges or poor communication.

Always review the contract and documents with a lawyer. Allow yourself the opportunity to consider the offer. Take the paperwork with you once the pitch is over. Make certain the paperwork contains all the promises made during the presentation.

Do not sign a contract or any documents at the presentation. If you decide to sign a contract at the time of the presentation, get a copy immediately upon signing it. Do not allow the company to mail or email you a copy at a later date.

If you own a timeshare and would like know how to cancel a timeshare, to learn more about a timeshare cancellation see our frequently asked questions or give us a call.

To find out more about timeshare cancellation log onto our website:
5036 Dr. Phillips Blvd. #221 
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For A Free Consultation, 

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Timeshare Cancellation: How Did I Get Myself Into This Mess

Now what! Look what I've done and what a TimeShare Scam it is.

Before we talk about doing a timeshare cancellation, let’s start at the end and work our way forwards. You’ve done something that you don’t know how to get out of.

You’ve purchase a timeshare! Ho boy, now you need to figure out how to do a timeshare cancellation. You wonder how you got yourself into this mess, but more importantly you keep telling yourself, I need to learn how to cancel my timeshare.

You thought you were smarter than this. How did it happen? At this point, you also begin to wonder if you’re involved in one of these timeshare scams you have heard about.

No, Is Never A Good Answer, At A Timeshare Presentation

Fact is, when anyone goes to a timeshare presentation, they putting themselves into the ring with well-trained, hard-core salespeople who are paid very well not to take “NO” for an answer.

Okay now let’s go back to the beginning shall we?

It all started off when you and your family were thinking about taking a wonderful vacation. You planned it out for months excited by the details and finally the day has arrived when you’re finally on your way.

It’s been a lot of hard work, you’ve and your family have had to scrap and save, pinched pennies whenever possible, gone without when you could, in an effort that you and your loved ones could have the most exciting of vacation. You’ve done your best. You’re tired. You could really use a vacation.

It’s a proven fact, that the tired people are always more venerable. How many people do you know that start their vacation well rested? Not many, huh?
You are unaware that when you arrive at your great vacation destination that there are people there that prey on vacationers just like you, and they are on the lookout for someone just like you. You and your family have vacationers written all over you.

You look tired and maybe a little lost trying to get to your hotel; or maybe you’ve already gotten to your hotel, unpacked and you and the family have decided to go have a look around just to check things out.

Welcome, How About A Free Gift - What a Timeshare Scam

As your passing by an information booth, someone calls you over. They are very friendly and want to welcome you to the vacation destination and perhaps give you a map of all the attractions. Their booth also has brochures of exciting places you may want to visit. Seems harmless right?

While you are standing at the booth looking over things and places you and your family would like to go, the nice person in the booth strikes up a casual conversation.

They start asking you where you’re from, how long are you going to be in town, and who doesn’t ask what do you do for a living? You get the picture. Unbeknownst to you, you are being asked timeshare qualifying questions that the nice person in the booth has been very well trained to ask.

They are separating the non-prospects from the prospects. Then - BINGO - you’ve answered the questions correctly. You’re just what they are looking for. The gleam in their eyes that was there when you walked over, just got a little brighter.

It’s Free Now – But A Big Price Later - Turns into a Timeshare Scam

Now they have something “FREE” to give you. Could be attraction tickets, free dinners, or so on. And they are absolutely “free” all you have to do is attend a little 90 minute presentation (Promise! No more than 90 minutes) and hear about how you and your family can have a wonderful vacation every year at beautiful resort locations around the world for just pennies on the dollar.

And so you take the bait. After all it’s just 90 minutes and what could it really hurt. Besides you get something “free” out of the deal.

You know there is going be a sales pitch involved but you’re not going to buy anything. Besides you really can’t afford it. But that stuff they are giving away ‘free’ looks really tempting. So you agree.

90 Minutes Turns Into 4 Hours

That 90 minute presentation ended up turning into 4 hours of intense sales pitches. Every time you gave a reason why you couldn’t buy, the salesperson had a counter reason why you could. And they could and would make it possible for you to buy.

Even to the point of opening you up a line of credit on a brand new credit card so that you didn’t have to come up with any out of pocket money, you can charge your down payment.

And by the end of it all, you and your family walk away with a signed timeshare contract in hand. And for many people who own a timeshare, that’s where the nightmare begins.

Months pass and you now begin to realize that many things they told you are in fact not true. Some were even straight out lies, so now, you find yourself asking what many call the timeshare nightmare. It’s at this point that you begin to ask yourself over and over again, how you got yourself into this mess.

To learn more about a timeshare cancellation see our frequently asked questions or give us a call.
If you own a timeshare and feel you have been involved in a timeshare scam and/or would like know how to cancel timeshare we can help.
To find out more about a timeshare cancellation log onto our website:
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