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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Keep Vigilant - Victory is At Hand!

TESTIMONIES! RECENT TESTIMONIES: --Started eating lower carb in June. At the start, I would count carbs and include a slice of bread or a small serv

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--Started eating lower carb in June. At the start, I would count carbs and include a slice of bread or a small serving of pasta. As I started testing my blood sugar as you suggested, I found I had to remove the bread and pasta. My blood glucose downward trend results have been slower than what I see from many who have commented, but I've been diabetic for 20 years and I'm 71. Through this discovery process, I get better results eating 20 or less carbs a day. In June my A1c was 7.6. In September it was 6.7. On December 4, it was 6.0. I've also lost 35 pounds. Thank you for all the hard work and giving so many a path we didn't know about.

--Was having a dawn phenomenon for a good three months after changing my diet and doing time restricted eating but recently it broke and now down to 100 in the morning! Hang in there! This took many years to set in.

--Dennis, I want you to know you were the first channel I came across alittle over a year ago. Your channel was the steppingstone and the direction I used to reverse my diabetes. I took your challenge to reverse diabetes by Christmas 2022. My A1C went from 12.6 to 4.9 in 3 months. I just want to let you know that I talked about you in my video and just want to make sure you know that I did. Thank you for your channel Dennis, you are making a difference out there!

--I was diagnosed with diabetes on 09/01/2023 . My A1C was 8.6. I went for check up last week 11/27/2023. My A1C is now 6. After following KETO AND FAT DIET, plus intensive exercise after meals.

--I have reduced my AIC from 6.4 to 5.6 in 3 months by reducing eating of bread.

--I went from A1c of 10 to 7 to 6.7. Keto diet took me off of insulin.

--My type 2 mother took insulin because she was a "brittle." She died at 72, 15 years after diagnosis, went to dialysis 3 x a week and lost her sight and legs. So I conclude that the insulin really didn't take care of much. Dennis, you are absolutely right and if people will just do as you say, they can beat this awful disease. Keep preaching the word and keep telling people how to beat diabetes. Bless you!

--For me, it's best not to take anything. I'm very easily distracted, and I can go off course so easily. So I don't do cinnamon, berberine, AC vinegar, or a bag of whatever from Walmart. I focus on just one thing, low carb. (Two things if you want to consider Mike the meter.) I'm consistently under 95, which is so much better than my previous 280, and I feel fantastic.

--I was prediabetic. I calorie restricted and for meals ate simple, very low to no carbohydrates at times. Just got my blood work results and my A1C is now 5.4. My doctor didn't even ask how I did it. She was concerned with my cholesterol levels.

--Though I couldn't be specific about the menus...I have stuck to low carb.... I am grateful to God for both of you and all the trouble you take to make healthy eating and sugar control possible. My HbA1c is down from 9 to 6.75.

Keep Vigilant!

As we approach the end of this challenge, I am sure a thought has come into your minds, which is: "This program is really not all that complicated." And you are right! It is not a complicated business to beat diabetes. A little knowledge, a little motivation, and BOOM, you are off to the races.

It does, however, require persistent vigilance and determination. Diabetes is a crafty foe, and it has our tendency toward carb-addiction on its side. We must keep coming back to the fountain of the truths of the power of low-carb eating and intermittent fasting.

Keep in mind that on Christmas Day you are released from the two-meal limit. Go ahead and enjoy three meals this day, as you celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. But do not use the holiday as an excuse to cheat and go off the rails with your diet. There are so many great-tasting keto meals and keto desserts, there is no reason (but laziness) to eat foods that you know are going to send your blood sugar into orbit!

This is Your "Homework!"

This challenge is more than a way to eat. It involves gaining motivation to beat diabetes by hearing the truths that set diabetics free. You cannot afford to miss the recommended videos. So PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to watch these videos!

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Here are Links to Videos Featuring Keto tortillas/chapatis/flatbreads

Get An Approximate A1c

To figure your A1c at home, test your glucose 5 times in one day:

Fasting glucose in the morning
One hour after lunch
Three hours after lunch
One hour after dinner
Before you go to bed
Average these five numbers (divide by 5)

Plug that number into the calculator ON THIS PAGE

This will be a pretty close approximation of your A1c at this time.

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