Private Hard Money Lender in California, Texas and Arizona: Non-Performing Notes for Sale: What Your Mortgage Loan Broker Can Do For Your Trust Deed Investment

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Non-Performing Notes for Sale: What Your Mortgage Loan Broker Can Do For Your Trust Deed Investment

non-performing notes
non-performing notes
You may have already heard of trust deed investing. trust deed investment is like a mortgage but it differs slightly because there are three important people in a trust deed investment; the borrower or the trustor, the lender or the beneficiary, and the trustee. The Trustee is the person who actually purchases the property and in the end, if the trustee is paid as promised, then they won’t have any claim to the property. However, in a trust deed investment, if the borrower defaults, then trustee takes back the mortgaged property.
When it comes to investing in trust deeds, the main thing to remember is to never buy a note secured by something you wouldn’t eventually want to own. That’s not to say a property you wouldn’t want to eventually live in; that is different. Simply something you would want to own is something to think about when it comes to investing in trust deeds because a home might be great but it may not be in the right location or have enough rooms for your family.
Another great thing to remember about investing in trust deeds is that non-performing notes for sale are often sold at a major discount.
If you haven’t heard of a Non-performing notes for sale, another name for it is just ‘secured debts.’ If this is a confusing term, it really just means good news for you and your bank account. Remember that even if the loan fails to revive its performance, the owner of the note is actually still entitled to the property. So your investment in non-performing notes for sale can be an excellent alternative to the often-stressful foreclosure auctions. Find a trust loan broker today to quickly find a non-performing note for sale today around your local area.
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