Private Hard Money Lender in California, Texas and Arizona: What You Need to Know Before you Invest in Trust Deeds

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

What You Need to Know Before you Invest in Trust Deeds

Trust Deed Investing
Trust Deed Investing
In the mood for a little bit of trust deed investing? Then we have some good news for you. There has actually never been a better time to get involved with investing in trust deeds. 
You may already know Investing in trust deeds can be a great thing. Keep in mind that while a Trust deed investment is similar to a mortgage, it does happen to differ because a trust deed investment has three primaries in the trust deed investment transaction that a mortgage does not. They happen to be the borrower or the trustor, the lender or the beneficiary, and the trustee. The Trustee is the person who actually purchases the property and in the end, if the trustee is paid as promised, then they won’t have any claim to the property. Remember though that in a trust deed investment, if the borrower does in fact default then trustee takes back the mortgaged property.
So if you are serious about investing in trust deeds, here’s a little bit of food for thought; don’t invest in something that you aren’t interested in one day perhaps owning. You see, as the trustee, there’s a good chance you might end up taking over a property, and if that happens, you’re going to want to make sure it’s something you actually like and can use. Keep this in the back of your mind when you do your trust deed investing. 
One more thing that’s fantastic about investing in trust deeds are the non-performing notes for sale, or ‘secured debts’ that may sound scary, but aren’t. Plus, these non-performing notes for sale are so often sold to people at a discount and that means there’s lots of great money to make, yet many people don’t even know this! Look into it when you begin your trust deed investing.
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