Private Hard Money Lender in California, Texas and Arizona: Commercial Real Estate Property: Your Quick and Dirty Guide To Fixing and Flipping

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Commercial Real Estate Property: Your Quick and Dirty Guide To Fixing and Flipping

The commercial real estate business can be very unforgiving, however, you can make it work for you. Before you start your new venture as a realtor there are a few things that you should do prior to inking your first deal.

The commercial real estate business can be very tough when you are just starting out. As with any craft, there are different things that you have to take into consideration. For example, the real estate business can go through a feast and famine period. The recession in the U.S. a few years ago is a perfect example of this. Before the recession hit a lot of investors were buying up property at low prices and trying to turn a profit by selling really high. After the market bubble burst there were not a lot of properties being sold.

There really is no way you can accurately predict the outcome of the economic climate. You can, however, adjust the way you approach your investments. Before you start you want to make sure you do a lot of research on the business. Make sure you talk to people who have been in this business for years. They usually have a myriad of trade tips that they have can vary. Anywhere from the best places to find a potential buy to dealing with a lender efficiently. Asking someone first is always better than spending a lot of time trying to educate yourself.

After educating yourself on the commercial real estate business you now have to apply your knowledge.

  You have a mission that you want to accomplish, but you cannot complete your goal if you never take the plunge. Like most coaches say, “You can practice all you want, but now it’s time for the real game.” You want to start out by scoping the prospective places you may want to invest in. Spend time in different parts of your city; go as far as visiting surrounding cities to see if there are any commercial real estate properties that you would be interested in. You want to set a set a price of what you are willing to pay and the lowest price you are willing to sell your property for.

Where are the best places to look for commercial real estate opportunities?

One way you can find potential commercial real estate buys is by going through public records. Most of the time you will be able to find a couple of homes that are either being foreclosed by using public records. A lot of commercial real estate investors will also drive around looking for distressed and abandoned properties that need some refurbishments. This is called, “driving to dollars. After finding the right place, you want to make sure everything is up to code and the property is safe to live in or work in.

To find a potential buyer, you want to begin by asking around to see who is looking for a new home. Family members and friends are great options to begin with. Once you find a buyer make sure that you negotiate a fair price for both parties.

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